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2024 Walk for Animals - San Diego

North County Walk
North County Walk

Puppy Party

After having so much fun participating in the Walk for Animals on 3/16, we decided to form a team for the next event and hopefully recruit some friends to join us!

Our pup, Scimon, loved walking with all the other dogs! Being surrounded by happy pups (and even a goat!) and all the pup-lovers was a heart-warming environment.

We like to support The San Diego Humane Society because we’ve been able to benefit from their services a few times. Most notable was when they captured an angry rattlesnake in our backyard! Fortunately, Scimon’s close encounter with it ended well. But their emergency service arrived in minutes to help us and didn’t even charge us! So they get our support and gratitude.

Here is some more info below and links to sign up to walk and/or donate. But seriously, no pressure…seriously!

Join us in supporting San Diego Humane Society's Walk for Animals!

Our team is so excited to be participating in San Diego Humane Society's Walk for Animals! This year we're joining thousands of animal lovers and their furry friends to create a more humane San Diego and we need your help.

Please consider supporting our team and the animals by making a donation today. Your gift — no matter the size — will help ensure that San Diego Humane Society can continue to be there for animals in need. 

This year, with your support: 
  • More than 40,000 homeless pets and wildlife in need will be given safe shelter and a second chance. 
  • Thousands of orphaned kittens will receive around-the-clock care through the Kitten and Foster programs. 
  • Humane Law Enforcement officers will respond to nearly 19,000 animals in need. 
  • More than 2 million pet meals will be distributed to families facing challenging times, helping them keep their beloved animals.
By supporting our team's fundraising efforts, you're helping us achieve our goal and making a life-changing difference for animals and the people who love them. Together, we can create a more humane San Diego!
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Please send checks, with team and/or Walker's name, to:
San Diego Humane Society
Attn: Walk for Animals - San Diego
5500 Gaines Street
San Diego, CA 92110

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