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Fear Free® Shelter Webinar Presented by Fear Free, LLC

Wednesday, November 10, 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Virtual (Zoom)

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Fear Free® Shelter Webinar Presented by Fear Free, LLC 

Attention animal welfare employees and volunteers! Join San Diego Humane Society and Fear Free for a virtual presentation on reducing fear and stress for pets in shelters! This webinar is approved for 2 RACE hours of CE (live attendance required for credit). 


Ruby Leslie
How to Reduce Stress at a Shelter for Cats and Dogs

  • Goal: how to decrease stress during handling for dogs and cats in a shelter environment
  • Behaviour: FAS in cats and dogs
  • Environment: how to modify the environment to reduce stress
  • Help: How to help the highly fearful cat or dog in a shelter (the little things matter)
  • Approach: reducing stress for approach
  • Touch: techniques to use to decrease stress for cats and dogs who are: ok to touch, fearful, touch sensitive, unable to touch
  • Placing equipment: steps to take to decrease stress
  • Vet visits: how to reduce stress during vet visits 

Tabitha Kucera
Thinking Outside the Cage: Shelter Enrichment for Cat 

  • What is socialization enrichment and why is it needed
  • Benefits of socialization and enrichment to animals, the shelter, and staff
  • Practical application of shelter enrichment and enrichment examples will be discussed that respect all 5 cat's sense
  • Fear Free Handling

Fear Free, LLC: Founded by “America’s Veterinarian,” Dr. Marty Becker, and developed by hundreds of experts in behavior, medicine, and handling, Fear Free has become one of the single most transformative initiatives in the history of companion animal practice. Our programs and courses provide veterinary professionals, pet professionals, animal welfare communities, and pet owners with the knowledge and tools to look after both a pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing. At Fear Free®, our mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety & stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them.

This talk takes place live on Zoom! You will receive the link in your confirmation. 

This program is free to attend. Donations are welcome.

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